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Unity Preparatory Charter High School

Unity Preparatory Charter High School

Address: 584 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Head Coach: K. Champ

NYSAA Varsity Schedule 2022-2023

December 2022

Thursday 12/8 4:30P.M. Unity Prep vs MBA Varsity Unity Prep
Friday 12/16 4:30P.M. Unity Prep vs Thomas Jefferson Varsity Unity Prep
Tueday 12/20 4:30P.M. Unity Prep vs CIP Varsity Unity Prep
Wednesday 12/21 4:30P.M. Unity Prep vs Harvest Collegiate Varsity Unity Prep

January 2023

Thursday 1/12 4:30P.M. Brooklyn Ascend vs Unity Prep Varsity Brooklyn Ascend
Tuesday 1/17 4:30P.M. Unity Prep vs Northside Varsity Unity Prep
Wednesday 1/18 4:30P.M. Unity Prep vs Nelson Mandala Varsity Unity Prep
Friday 1/27 4:15P.M. Unity Prep vs Urban Dove Varsity Unity Prep
Saturday 1/28 1:00P.M. UCP vs Unity Prep Varsity Uncommon

February 2023

Wednesday 2/1 4:30P.M. Unity Prep vs Quest to Learn Varsity Unity Prep
Friday 2/3 4:30P.M. Brooklyn Collegiate vs Unity Prep Varsity Brooklyn Collegiate
Monday 2/6 4:30P.M. Eagle Academy II vs Unity Prep Varsity Eagle Academy II
Tuesday 2/7 4:30P.M. Urban Dove vs Unity Prep Varsity Urban Dove
Monday 2/13 4:30P.M Brooklyn Prospect vs Unity Prep Varsity Brooklyn Prospect
Wednesday 2/15 4:30P.M. Unity Prep vs Brooklyn Ascend Varsity Unity Prep
Tuesday 2/28 4:30P.M. Unity Prep vs Nelson Mandela Varsity Unity Prep

March 2023

Tuesday 3/7 4:30P.M. Unity Prep vs MDP Varsity Unity Prep
Friday 3/10 4:30P.M. ACE vs Unity Prep Varsity ACE






January 2023
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