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  1. I.S. 59 2019 Girls Middle School Champs!
  2. Eagle Academy SEQ 2019 6th Grade Champs!
  3. Eagle Academy SEQ Middle School Champs Again!
  4. Brooklyn Prospect Charter 2019 JV Champs!
  5. Northside Charter 2019 HS Varsity Champs!

Unity Preparatory Charter High School

December 2018

Friday 12/7 6:15P.M. Brooklyn Latin vs Unity Prep Varsity Gaynor Campus
Wednesday 12/12 4:30P.M. Unity Prep vs WHSAT Varsity Unity Prep
Friday 12/14 4:30P.M. Unity Prep vs Brooklyn Latin Varsity Unity Prep
Tuesday 12/18 4:30P.M. Northside vs Unity Prep Varsity Northside

January 2019

Wednesday 1/9 4:15P.M. Unity Prep vs Lyons Community Varsity Unity Prep
Wednesday 1/16 4:30P.M. Unity Prep vs MBA Varsity Unity Prep
Friday 1/18 4:30P.M. Unity Prep vs Innovation Varsity Unity Prep
Saturday 1/19 12:00P.M. MDP vs Unity Prep Varsity MDP
Saturday 1/26 10:00A.M. Quest to Learn vs Unity Prep Varsity Quest to Learn

February 2019

Wednesday 2/6 6:15P.M. WHSAT vs Unity Prep Varsity Gaynor Campus
Thursday 2/14 4:30P.M. Unity Prep vs Quest to Learn Varsity Unity Prep
Wednesday 2/13 5:15P.M. Unity Prep vs MBA Varsity Stydrome

March 2019

Friday 3/1 4:30P.M. Unity Prep vs ACE Varsity Unity Prep
Saturday 3/2 12:30P.M. Lyons Community vs Unity Prep Varsity Gaynor Campus
Tuesday 3/12 5:00P.M. Brooklyn Prospect vs Unity Prep Varsity Brooklyn Prospect
Wednesday 3/13 4:30P.M. Unity Prep vs Northside Varsity Unity Prep
Brooklyn Stydome
312 Kosciszko St
Brooklyn, NY