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  1. NYSAA 2019-2020 All -Teams
  2. Due to recent public health conditions all games have been suspended indefinitely.

Lyons Community HS JV

Lyons Community HS JV

223 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY


Removed from 2019-2020 schedule. NO  GAMES

December 2019


January 2020

Thursday 1/9 4:45P.M. Eagle Academy vs Lyons Junior Varsity Eagle Academy
Friday 1/10 4:45P.M. Brooklyn Latin vs Lyons Junior Varsity Gaynor Campus
Saturday 1/18 10:00A.M Lyons vs ACE Junior Varsity Gaynor Campus
Monday 1/27 4:30P.M. Unity Prep vs Lyons Junior Varsity Unity Prep
Thursday 1/30 4:30P.M. Brooklyn Prospect vs Lyons Junior Varsity Brooklyn Prospect

February 2020

Saturday 2/15 10:30A.M. Lyons vs Eagle Academy Junior Varsity Gaynor Campus
Saturday 2/29 Lyons vs ACE* Junior Varsity Gaynor Campus

March 2020

3/6 Lyons vs Brooklyn Prospect Juniour Varsity Gaynor Campus
3/7 Lyons vs Unity Prep Junior Varsity Gaynor Campus



Brooklyn Latin vs Lyons Community