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  1. Opening Day Monday Dec 4th
  2. Welcome to the 2023-2024 Season!

Our History

Founded  by Dwayne Cumberbatch, the SQAA would be become a shining example of elementary and middle school athletics. Becoming the QSAAL (Queens Schools Athletics Association League) in 2005, the league would receive notoriety  in the January New York Times for is presence in New York City.
    provides non-public and public schools with an opportunity to compete in sports activities. NYSAA gives schools that are not apart of any city or private league an opportunity to compete in a safe and structured environment. Many of our schools do not have gymnasiums to practice or host home games. The league is therefore hosted over  different neutral  sites and provides the space to play. If it were not for this league hundreds of students would not have an opportunity to be apart of an activity that is positive to their growth and offers a conduit for coaches and teachers to teach skills that would impact their life. It is the inspiration of being a member of a school team that inspires the student-athlete, the school and the school’s community. We are proud that our program brings together students of all backgrounds, nationalities, ethic groups, and races under the aupus to compete. For many of these students it is their only interaction with students that are different than them. We are able to expose students to the world around them. We have seen the positive benefits of the interaction though conversations and relationships built not only by students but by parents as well.
A vast number have graduated and are members of the best high school teams in New York City. Their time as student-athletes in the program has prepared them for the next level in student athletics. In addition the programs offers jobs for community high school youth, which in turn operate many of the most important areas of the league. The goal for the NYSAA. is to continue to add schools to the program and provide the opportunities for our community youth in the forms of leadership, teamwork, and dedication though sports.