What is the New York Scholastic Athletic Association (NYSAA)?
The N.Y.S.A.A. provides non-public and public schools with an opportunity to compete in sports activities. N.Y.S.A.A. gives schools that are not a part of any city or private league an opportunity to compete in a safe and structured environment. Many of our schools do not have gymnasiums to practice or host home games.  If it were not for this league hundreds of students would not have an opportunity to be a part of an activity that is positive to their growth and offers a conduit for coaches and teachers to teach skills that would impact their lives. It is the inspiration of being a member of a school team that motivates the student-athlete, the school and the school’s community. We are proud that our program brings together students of all backgrounds, nationalities, ethnic groups, and races under the auspice of sportsmanship and community.

During this 15-year period thousands of students have learned the skills of leadership, teamwork, and academic excellence while being a student-athlete.  In addition the programs offer jobs for community high school youth, which focuses on the teaching of a solid work ethic to operate many of the most important areas of the league.

The goal for the N.Y.S.A.A. is to continue to add schools to the program and provide the opportunities for our community youth in the forms of leadership, teamwork, and dedication through sports. Proceeds from the NYSAA Basketball Championships will go towards Alpha II Youth Services Inc a New York State not-for- profit organization 501©3.

For all press inquires and guest list info please contact Dwayne Cumberbatch (dcumberbatch@a2oyouth.org). Please visit  www.nysaasports.org. and donate at https://www.gofundme.com/nysaasportschip